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Rubber tiles for children's playgrounds

Rubber tiles for children's playgrounds

Rubber tiles for children's playgrounds are characterized by high elasticity and the ability to absorb the impact, and significantly protect against injuries during falls. This contributes to a high degree of safety on children's playgrounds, especially in children's slides, swings, climbers, etc.

Rubber substrates are made of rubber granulate and polyurethane, resistant to UV radiation, they are weather-resistant and are not easily flammable to meet all safety standards. They are installed on pre-prepared substrates that can be concrete, asphalt or in cases of thickness of rubber plates larger than 40mm, a well compressed crushed stone can also be used.

They are made in different shapes, colors and thicknesses ranging from 30 mm, up to a thickness of 90 mm. All products have a TUV certificate issued by the TUV Rheinland Institute and satisfy EN 1176/1: 2008 and EN 1177: 2008 standards.

     Our surfaces are located in many city parks, schools, kindergartens and children’s playgrounds, all across Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


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