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Rubber flooring for gyms (fitness)

Rubber flooring for gyms (fitness)

Rubber flooring for gyms (fitness), represent a rubber surface, the basic purpose of which is to protect the exercise area from damage caused by heavy weights and exercise equipment. In addition, they protect the trainers themselves and make the training process more pleasant, as they reduce the load on the feet and the spine of the treadmill. Nowadays, they are almost irreplaceable when it comes to rubber surface for fitness.


They are made of rubber granulate and polyurethane, resistant to UV radiation, are weather-resistant and are not easily flammable to meet safety standards. They are installed on a pre-prepared substrate which is concrete, wood or ceramic. They are made in cubed shapes, of different colors and thicknesses.

For installation in the Fitness Center is a satisfactory thickness of 15mm, while the gym is recommended for a thickness of 30mm.