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Multifunctional Fields

Multifunctional Fields

Multifunctional Fields - PEJKOM D.O.O. offers multifunctional rubber substrates of different types for indoor and outdoor terrains. Depending on the type of sport that is most used on the desired field, the type of substrate to be installed is also determined. Such substrates are ideal for schools, training centers, hotel terrains, sports centers, etc. In one multifunctional field it is possible to draw more sports and thus maximize the utilization of the substrate and space. These bases meet the requirements of almost all ball sports and light athletics.


For indoor terrains we offer high-quality rubber substrates. The elastic layer for these substrates depends on the investor's desire of the thickness between 30 to 50mm. They can be cast as rubber plates, or as a final layer without compounds, i.e. is poured in one piece on the spot, giving a compact, waterproof backing and reaching the highest hygienic and sport standards.